I am a CISA!

Having taught IT skills in the accounting program for so many years made me wonder – I should really do what I preach. Given that I’ve been working with ISACA and many IT audit professionals I made up my mind of getting a CISA. What is it? CISA stands for Certified Information System Auditor. Here is a cool video about CISA:

Because I am an ISACA Academic Advocate, I got CISA review materials from them every year. Using the review manual and a collection of old CISA exams, plus two weeks time of non-stop studying after I submitted my fall semester final grades, here I am. Getting a score just enough to pass the exam (that’s what I called the effective study!)

Gold Medal! 2015 PICPA/IIA Pittsburgh Chapter Case Competition

Students from my AIS class formed a team and competed in the 2015 Case Competition organized by Pittsburgh Chapter of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs). They WON THE FIRST PLACE in the case competition! Congratulations Amanda Choma, Danielle Silofau and Michael McCoy! The Case Competition is an interactive, educational, collaborative event that challenges students to work with their peers to analyze data, develop ideas, and communicate their findings. Students had to thoroughly analyze the case, construct a flowchart that explains the business process, identify weaknesses in the business scenario and proposes solutions and controls to address the problems. There are two rounds of competition: in the first round student teams submitted their report, and the teams with best reports were advanced to the second round – where the student teams were invited to do a live presentation in front of the panel of judges. In this year there were 19 undergraduate student teams  from University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Chatham University and Robert Morris University registered for this competition. 8 of the 19 teams advanced to the second round and the RMU team won the first place and were awarded with $1,000 scholarship.

2014 IIA Scholarship

Would you like to pocket $2000 scholarship? Here is your chance. Read the following scholarship announcement. If you are interested, I am more than happy to help you prepare for the essay. My former students were pretty successful in getting this scholarship!!

2014 Scholarship Award Announcement

The Detroit Chapter IIA Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce an opportunity for three qualified candidates to receive a $2,000 award for 2014.

Candidates should possess the following qualifications:


  • Academic achievement of a minimum 3.0 GPA overall (transcripts required*)
  • Leadership in extra-curricular or volunteer activities
  • Actively enrolled in a college/university in pursuit of a degree (part- or full-time)
  • Any business major (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Winners must be present at the Tuesday, April 8, 2014 meeting of the Detroit IIA Chapter to accept the award
  • Winners must complete a W-9 Form prior to payment

Qualified candidates should prepare a three-page essay (double-spaced) on  the  following topic:

Internal Audit departments generally include professionals from varying backgrounds, skills and abilities. Describe how an internal audit department can most effectively carry out its objectives in this type of environment.

Students are encouraged to contact industry specialists for advice and counsel.

Please submit your qualifications and essay to the Committee at chapteradmin@detroitiia.org by Friday, March 28, 2014

Awards will be presented at the Detroit Chapter IIA Meeting on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 held at University of Michigan – Dearborn, Fairlane Center, Dearborn, MI.


At the end of the fall 2013 semester, I made myself a movie director…well, maybe not a movie (yet), but it is a short video illustrating the importance of being organized and diligent when taking an online class in accounting. After teaching financial accounting class online for a few semesters, I found that some students are extremely successful – while others struggle a lot. This time, I decided to ask a successful student to share his experiences – hopefully students after him can learn a few tricks before they start – or at least know what they got themselves into!


Many thanks go to the OEL staff, the graduate student instructor Brad Mikus, and my start student Nicholas. The completed video is here:


Sync class that is not constrained by distance

I coordinated a sync class focusing on a case discussion with MBA students from UM-Flint and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei. With the input from my colleagues (both of them marketing professors at UM-Flint and NTNU) students thousand miles apart were able to contribute to a case discussion about Walmart’s marketing strategy in China. The new classroom with necessary IPTV equipment built by the School of Management had just finished construction and immediately was put to a good use. The quality of video and audio was amazing – you don’t really feel that people on the screen are actually 11 time zones away!

Read about the story published  by UM-Flint News here:

UM-Flint MBA Students Connect with Taiwan via Technology

The same story was also published by NTNU’s press office (in Chinese): http://pr.ntnu.edu.tw/news/index.php?mode=data&id=12541&fb_action_ids=400071200075983&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=hovercard&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366

New welcome video for online class

I participated in UM-Flint Office of Extended Learning’s online course redesign project. This is a great workshop for online instructors! One of the projects I did was to make a new welcome video for students online. Folks in OEL have really put efforts into this thing – they used HD camera and professional lighting equipment to shoot the video (feel like I am a movie star!) I am so delighted with the result. This video was first launched in my BUS421 Accounting information systems in summer 2012 semester.

Visited NTNU’s Mandarin Training Center

It was very nice to visit Taipei again (on a raining day)…..especially National Taiwan Normal University, which is located in central Taipei that is not too far from where I spent my teenage years. Time flies….Anyway this time I visited NTNU’s College of Management and met with faculty there to talk about possible international collaboration ideas. Hopefully we (SOM at UM-Flint) are able to continue to nurture this relationship and commit more resources in international collaborations!

NTNU campus

In addition to College of Management, I also visited world-renowned “Mandarin  Training Center” at NTNU. This center has many famous alumni including former prime minister of Japan and Australia. They enrolled almost 1,600 students every year and 40% of students come from the U.S. Students take Mandarin language classes on week days and participate in cultural activities when they are free from heavy work load on weekends. Sounds like a perfect place for me to take my next study abroad group!

Pictured with executive secretary of MTC
MTC's student lounge
MTC class

2011 International Business and Management Education Forum

I was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the 2011 International Business and Management Education Forum. I received a very warm welcome at the National Pingtung Institute of Commerce, the hosting institution of the event. I was also very glad to have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Elaine Tan from Royal Holloway College, University of London, who is another keynote speaker of the event. I wish Dr. Tan good luck in her new position with the Government of Singapore! Part of my presentation at NPIC can be found here:

More event pictures can be found by clicking here.