Study Abroad

One of the things I enjoy doing at both RMU and UM-Flint is study abroad. In this program students get to visit countries they (usually) never visited before – with carefully designed activities such as international businesses visit, universities visit and visits to destinations with cultural significance. Since 2009, I have led Japan and Taiwan study abroad program many times. Following are some feedback I received from program participants:

The program was absolutely great but I believe it had a lot to do with Dr. Peng. He put together so many interesting things that we were able to see and learn about and I will never forget this trip. You could tell he really put a lot of time into this trip because everything just went together so well and it was just organized perfectly.
Hands on! Everything about this trip was amazing. We had fun but every day we were learning something new. I learned how business is conducted in Asia and how business operations on a global scale work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Professor Peng is one of the best professors I have had the privilege of learning from!
Dr. Peng and everyone that helped make the trip possible, did a fantastic job in salvaging the trip considering the natural disasters that occurred in Japan. With the extra time in Taiwan, I was able to see additional businesses and experience the culture more in-depth. As I move forward to another chapter in life, I will always cherish the memories from the classroom and my travels.

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