I currently teach two courses at the RMU:

ACCT 2030: Introduction to Financial Accounting

Catalog description: This course is designed to introduce the student to accounting terms and principles and familiarize the student with the preparation and use of financial statements and other financial information. The focus of this course is on accounting data generated for external users of financial information. The accounting environment is examined along with the basic concepts which govern the recording and reporting of economic events in the accounting records. Study of debits and credits, accrual accounting and the accounting cycle establishes the framework for an understanding of the transformation of accounting data into financial statement format.
 My description: This is a language class – we will study the language of business intensively in this class!

ACCT 3060: Accounting Information Systems

Catalog description: This course provides an introduction to accounting information systems (AIS). Topics covered include traditional AIS architecture, business processes, risks and controls in AIS, systems documentation methods and XBRL.
 My description: Let’s mess up with computers!

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